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What is a Parish Council?

Parish Councils form the first tier of local government. The following are just some of the things we're involved in:

  • Use of land, and sale or ownership of land
  • Community resources including telephone boxes, litter bins, bus shelters and footpaths
  • Recreational facilities such as playing fields and parks
  • Community centres, halls and other public buildings
  • Planning issues, and the public notifcation of planning applications
We can also decide to spend money in other ways that are not within the main Parish Council remit, provided it benefits the community. For more information on Parish Councils, visit the Parish Councils page of the Local Government website, or read this document about the powers and duties of Parish Councils.

Parish Councillors are elected by the public, and serve for 4 years. They work on a voluntary basis, but carry out an important role within their communities. You can see the Councillors of St Cuthbert (Out) and find their contact details on the next page.

For more information on Local Government; visit the Department for Communities and Local Government page.