Home Security in Hot Weather

As summer temperatures rise – new opportunities arise for burglars and scammers. To keep cool we open windows and doors to encourage breezes to flow through, but this also can encourage unwelcome ‘opportunists’ to come in as well !!

So do remember to;


  • Avoid leaving downstairs windows open after you go to bed
  • If you’re out enjoying the garden, make sure your front door is locked and any accessible windows are secure
  • Always close and lock windows and doors when leaving the property – even a small open window could entice a burglar
  • Ensure that any side entrance is secure, locked and not easy to climb over, even when someone is at home
  • Always pack away tools after a day tending to your garden or doing some DIY and make sure they’re locked away and out of reach
  • Do not leave valuables on display through windows
  • Keep car and house keys out of sight and away from windows and doors


Similarly, if you have a car;


  • Do not leave valuables in sight of any potential thief
  • Remember to close the windows and lock the car when you park


It’s a good idea to leave a notice on your dashboard;

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It not only informs any potential thief – it also reminds you. 

To download and print off as many dashboard notices as you wish, just click here. Or go to the https://www.asnwa.org/downloads  and select  'Dashboard Notice'


Lastly, the hot weather makes everyone a little dozy and a bit ‘slow’. This is exactly what online and telephone scammers like best! So, do be extra vigilant and attentive – don’t get caught out!


PLEASE FEEL FREE to pass this on to everyone you know

– so that we all can keep SAFE and SECURE!!