Committee (COM) and Working Party (WP) Members

Planning Committee (COM - PL): Cllrs J Baker, P Foster, M Hayden (CHAIRMAN), J Henderson, I Humphreys, M Lunnon, T Mallinson

Finance & Scrutiny Committee (COM - FI): Cllrs P Foster, M Hayden (CHAIRMAN), T Mallinson, G Pettitt

Staffing Committee (COM - ST): Cllrs J Baker, M Hayden (CHAIRMAN), T Mallinson, M Mitchell, G Pettitt

Asset Management Committee (COM - ST): Cllrs P Foster, I Humphreys (CHAIRMAN), M Lunnon, T Mallinson, M Mitchell

Parish Emergency Plan Committee (COM - PEP): Cllrs J Baker, I Humphreys, G Pettitt, J Reeves, J Walker

Allotments (WP - AL): Cllrs M Hayden, J Henderson

Neighbourhood Plan (WP - NP): Cllrs M Cooke, T Hathway, I Humphreys, G Pettitt

Fingerposts (WP - FI): Cllrs P Foster, T Mallinson, M Mitchell, J Reeves

Representatives on Outside Bodies

Community Speedwatch (CSW) - Cllr P Foster
PACT (Police and Communities Together) - Cllrs J Baker, T Mallinson, G Pettitt
Parish Path Liaison Officer (PPLO) - Cllr I Humphreys
Coxley Memorial Hall Committee - Cllrs J Henderson, T Mallinson

Brittaines Charity -  Mrs L Danson